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How to sound like a Pro

Post by Sobia6464 on Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:22 am

Simply put, don't say things like:

"I don't like Book of Moon. It sucks."

Make it sound more complex via the English Language

"I dislike Book of Moon simply because, to me, it doesn't deliver exactly what I need. It usually works against me and does more harm then good."

As you can see, the two sentences are the same. However, that is the difference between a troll post/+1 post/flame post (ect...) and a polite, respectable post.

Also, actually use the forgotten English language. I dislike slang and I reallyhatewhenpeopletypelikethiswithnospaces. Don't do that.

As for abbreviations, learn them. If you see anyone use an abbreviation, before being all "Hey! WTF does that mean brah?!" go to the magical website of yugioh.wikia and search it. Usually you'll get what you are looking for (whether it be a term, or an abbreviation, or card ruling).

Don't ask obvious questions (I.E. What does Book of Moon do?) because, most likely, you won't get respect and people will feed you troll posts for answers.

Anything you would like to add, please do.

Here's a complete acronym guide: 6 Sams = The Six Samurai
AF = Arcana Force
AG = Ancient Gear
AppEx = Appropriate Exodia (a personal favourite of Exodia variants)
ARCF = Archfiends
BM = Batteryman
BW = Blackwing (also, most just use the name of the monster instead of the full name, i.e. Vayu, Gale, Sirocco, etc.)
CB = Crystal Beast
CF = Counter Fairies
Chaos = Use of Chaos Monsters and a hybrid of LIGHT and DARK monsters
CHF = Chaos Fairies (courtesy of hikari_fortes)
CSB = Chain Strike Burn (personal addition)
DAS = Dark Armed Dragon Synchro (similar to teledad)
D-Hero = Destiny Hero
DDS = Dragon Draw Synchro
DDT = Diamond Dude Turbo
DE = Archfiends (Demons in OCG?)
DW = Dark World
DWS = Dark World Synchro
EBI = Earthbound Immortals
E-Hero = Elemental Hero
Ev-Hero = Evil Hero
Ex, Exo, Exodia = Exodia decks in general
FTK = First Turn Kill (similar to otk, but on the first turn) Also, Frogs That Kill, considering their (proven?) potential
GB = Gladiatior Beasts
GearX = X deck that uses some Ancient Gear cards
GK = Gravekeeper's
Gobs = Goblin/orc builds
HD = Hopeless Dragon
KKM, KM = Koa'ki Meiru
LS = Lightsworn
Macro = RFG decks, usually including Macro Cosmos itself
Mill = Decks that focus on reducing the opponent's deck size so that the opponent could lose by not being able to draw
MT, Morphs = Morphtronics
MV = Mist Valley
PACMAN = Pure Advantage Camels Munch All Noobs (regarding use of Des Lacooda and other flip summon advantage/burn cards)
OTK = One-Turn Kill (state/deck that strives to win the duel in any one turn, given all combo pieces; ftk implies the ability to win even on the first turn)
OTM = One-Turn Mill (similar to otk, but by way of milling the opponent out instead of any form of lp damage)
PC = Perfect Circle
Roids = Vehicroids
SC = Sage Control (courtesy of dragon's quest)
SolidX = Referring to X deck that mains Solidarity, thus implying the monsters are of the same type
SS, 6-Sams, Sammies = Six Samurai
STUN = link to explanation
Tele-DAD = Emergency Teleport Dark Armed Dragon (similar to das)
TSS = The Six Samurai, True Six Samurai
Toons = The use of those familiar Pegasus cards, monster that can attack directly but requiring Toon World for the most part.
Twilight = LS + Zombie/other DARK themes
VirusX/ViralX = Decks with the (legal) virus cards to support it.
Watt = The second Thunder archetype based on Watt monsters
XYZ, VWXYZ = (V/W)X/Y/Z decks, also known as the Alphabet deck
Abs0 = Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
AFD = Ancient Fairy Dragon
AWS = Ancient Sacred Wyvern
AGE = Ancient Gear Engineer
AGGD = Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
Alius = Elemental Hero Neos Alius
Apprentice = Apprentice Magician
Arma = Armageddon Knight
BESD = Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
BEUD = Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
BEWD = Blue-Eyes White Dragon
BLS = Black Luster Soldier
BLS-EotB = Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
BM AA = Batteryman AA
BM C = Batteryman C
BM D = Batteryman D
BM MC = Batteryman Micro-Cell
BM Charger = Batteryman Charger
BM IS or BIS = Batteryman Industrial Strength
BRD = Black Rose Dragon
Brionac, Brio = Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary
BtMW = Breaker the Magical Warrior
BWD = Black-Winged Dragon
Caius = Caius the Shadow Monarch
CED-EotE = Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
CFD = Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
COD = Chimeratech Overdragon (aka "cause of death" in its format, lol)
CS = Chaos Sorcerer
CyDra = Cyber Dragon
CyZ = Cyber Dragon Zwei
Dandy = Dandylion
DAD = Dark Armed Dragon
DCK = Doomcalibur Knight
DD, DDude, Dude = Destiny Hero Diamond Dude
DDB = Dark Dive Bomber (OCG) (see DSF)
DDS = Dark Dust Spirit
DDWL = D. D. Warrior Lady
DED = Dark End Dragon
DHDC, Disk, or Disk commander, "disky-disky" = Destiny Hero Disk Commander
DHP = Destiny Hero Plasma
DM = Dark Magician
DMG = Dark magician girl
DMK = Dragon Master Knight
DMOC = Dark Magician of Chaos
DN = Elemental Hero Divine neos
DR = Dark Resonator
Draco = Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
DRHD, Hades, Ha Des = Dark Ruler Ha Des
DSD = Deep Sea Diva
DSF = Dark Strike Fighter
DV = Dark Voltanis
EHAZ, EHA0 = Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
EHTF = Elemental Hero Terra Firma
EotA = Emissary of the Afterlife
EtUFL = Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden Lord
F&FD, F&F Dragon or FFD = Frost and Flame Dragon
FHD, 5GD = Five-Headed Dragon, 5 God Dragon
Green Baboon, Baboon, GB = Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
GG, Goyo = Goyo Guardian
Goka = Goka, Pyre of Malice
Goku = Malevolent Mech - Goku En
GoO = Guardian of Order
Greph = Dark Grepher
GZ, "G" Zombie = Goblin Zombie
Gyz = Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
Herk = Gladiator Beast Heraklinos
IFL = Injection Fairy Lily
Jain = Jain, Lightsworn Paladin
JD = Judgment Dragon
Juju = Legendary Jujitsu Master
KotSS = King of the Skull Servants
Kuraz = Kuraz the Light Monarch
Kycoo = Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
LaDD, "Raida"(jap.) = Light and Darkness Dragon, Raito Ando Dākunesu Doragon
Lily = Injection Fairy Lily
Mali = Destiny Hero Malicious
ME = Magical Exemplar
MJ = Morphing Jar
MJ2 = Morphing Jar #2
Mobby = Mobius the Frost Monarch
MoF = Magician of Faith
Mole = Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
MoM = Maiden of Macabre
Obby = Obelisk the Tormentor
OVM = Old Vindictive Magician
Neos = Elemental Hero Neos
PLT = Psychic Lifetrancer
PMD, Prime = Prime Material Dragon
PMF = Prime Material Falcon
PoC = Phantom of Chaos
PSZ = Plaguespreader Zombie
PT = Pyramid Turtle
QoT = Queen of Thorns
Raiza = Raiza the Storm Monarch
RDA = Red Dragon Archfiend
RDD = Rainbow Dark Dragon
Reaper = Spirit Reaper
REBD = Red-Eyes Black Dragon
REDMD = Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
REZD = Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
RFG = Royal Firestorm Guards
RKHD = Revived King Ha Des
RN = Elemental Hero Rainbow Neos
RND = Red Nova Dragon
Ryko = Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
Samnite = Gladiator Beast Samnite
SABT = Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
SADKC = Super-Ancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
SD, SDD = Stardust Dragon
SEMVD = Super Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon
SFD = Solar Flare Dragon
SNMH, G-FORCE = Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
SPoN = Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
SSD = Shooting Star Dragon
SSP = Stygian Street Patrol
Stein = Cyber Stein
TDMG = Toon Dark Magician Girl
Thestalos, Thesty = Thestalos,the Firestorm Monarch
Tinzo = Tin Promo Version of Jinzo
TKRO = Thunder King Rai-Oh
Totem = Totem Dragon
TRA = Thought Ruler Archfiend
Treeborn = Treeborn Frog
Trish = Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
TT = Test Tiger
VL = Vampire Lord
Vandy, VtDDL = Van'dalgyon, the Dark Dragon Lord
WotBF = Witch of the Black Forest
Veiler = Effect Veiler
Vice = Vice Dragon
Yata = Yata-Garasu
Zaborg, Zabby = Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
ZM = Zombie Master
141 = One for One
AAU = Autonomous Action Unit
ALO = A Legendary Ocean
AoD, Allure = Allure of Darkness
ARA = Advanced Ritual Art
BC, B-Con = Brain Control
BftDD = Burial from the Different Dimension
BG, Garden = Black Garden
BoE = Book of Eclipse
BoL = Book of Life
BoM = Book of Moon
BoT = Book of Taiyou
BotM = Burden of the Mighty
CotLB = Charge of the Light Brigade, also known as just "Charge"
CoN = Convulsion of Nature
CS = Chain Strike
CSwap = Creature Swap
CotSS = Cunning of the Six Samurai
DDR = D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
D-Draw = Destiny Draw
DDitG = Dragged Down into the Grave
D. Fissure = Dimensional Fissure
D. Mirror = Dragon's Mirror
Duality = Pot of Duality
DWD = Dark World Dealings
E-Call = E - Emergency Call
E-Con = Enemy Controller
E-Tele = Emergency Teleport
Feather = Harpie's Feather Duster
FF = Future Fusion
Gate = Gateway of the Six
GC, Graceful = Graceful Charity
Goats = Scapegoat
GotS = Gateway of the Six
Heavy = Heavy Storm
HotU = Heart of the Underdog
IRS = Inferno Reckless Summon
LLAB = Level Limit - Area B
LR = Limiter Removal
LV = Lightning Vortex
MBaaS = My Body as a Shield
MC = Mind Control
MG = Monster Gate
MoP = Messenger of Peace
MotR = Mark of the Rose
MR = Monster Reborn
MST = Mystical Space Typhoon
NoC = Nobleman of Crossout
NoE = Nobleman of Extermination
Oath = Archfiend's Oath
Oaths = Mirror of Oaths
OttD = Offerings to the Doomed
OF = Overload Fusion
PoD = Pot of Duality
PoG, Pot = Pot of Greed
Poly = Polymerization
PotA, PoA = Pot of Avarice
PotOM = Poison of the Old Man
Premy = Premature burial
Recharge = Solar Recharge
RotA = Reinforcement of the Army
Sarc = Gold Sarcophagus
SG, Smash = Smashing Ground
SoCL = Swords of Concealing Light
SoRL = Swords of Revealing Light
Spark = Gemini Spark
SSU = Six Samurai United
SVotS = Secret Village of the Spellcasters
TToC/TTC = Toon Table of Contents
TWRA = The Warrior Returning Alive
WMC = Wave-Motion Cannon
WNR = Wild Nature's Release
Void = Into the Void
ZW = Zombie World
ACTH = Acid Trap Hole
ADTH = Adhesive Trap Hole
AOA = All-Out Attacks
App. = Appropriate
ASF = Anti-Spell Fragrance
Barrel, BBtD = Barrel Behind the Door
Bribe, DB = Dark Bribe
BTH = Bottomless Trap Hole
CCV = Crush Card Virus
CED = Compulsory Evacuation Device
Chariot = Gladiator Beast War Chariot
CotH = Call of the Haunted
CSG = Cyber Shadow Gardna
Cylinder, MC = Magic Cylinder
DDV = Deck Devastation Virus
DEST = Double-Edged Sword Technique
DP, D. Prison = Dimensional Prison
Dust = Dust Tornado
EEV = Eradicator Epidemic Virus
FR = Forced Requisition
GaT = Give and Take
GETH = Gemini Trap Hole
Gottoms' E-Call = Gottoms' Emergency Call
GITH = Giant Trap Hole
GGHK/GGH = Good Goblin House Keeping
IIW = Imperial Iron Wall
IMT = Interdimensional Matter Transporter
IO = Imperial Order
JoG = Jar of Greed
LIM = Light-Imprisoning Mirror
LoYG = Legacy of Yata-Garasu
Macro = Macro Cosmos
MC = Mind Crush, Magician's Circle,
MF = Mirror Force
MoP = Meteor of Prominence
MRS = Metal Reflect Slime
MW = Mirror Wall
Polli/Polly = Pollinosis
PPV= Planet Pollutant Virus
PWWB = Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
RftDD = Return from the Different Dimension
RG = Reckless Greed
Roar, T. Roar, TR = Threatening Roar
RotSS = Return of the Six Samurai
Sak = Sakuretsu Armor
SLR = Starlight Road
SJ = Solemn Judgment
SIM = Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
SSN = Super Solar Nutrient
SST8 = Spell Shield Type-8
STotB = Seven Tools of the Bandit
TH = Trap Hole
TT = Torrential Tribute
TTH = Treacherous Trap Hole
WoRL = Wall of Revealing Light
Set Acronyms/Code:
LOB = Legend of Blue eyes (white dragon?)
MRD = Metal Raiders
MRL/SRL= Magic Ruler/HYPERLINK ""Spell Ruler
PSV = Pharaoh's Servant
LON = Labyrinth of Nightmare
PGD = Pharaonic Guardian
LOD = Legacy of Darkness
MFC = Magician's Force
DCR = Dark Crisis
IOC = Invasion of Chaos
AST = Ancient Sanctuary
SOD = Soul of the Duelist
RDS = Rise of Destiny
FET = Flaming Eternity
TLM = The Lost Millennium
CRV = Cybernetic Revolution
EEN = Elemental EnergyHYPERLINK ""SOI = Shadow of Infinity
EOJ = Enemy of Justice
POTD = Power of the Duelist
CDIP = Cyberdark Impact
STON = Strike of Neos
FOTB = Force of the Breaker
TAEV = Tactical Evolution
GLAS = Gladiator's Assault
PTDN = Phantom Darkness
LODT = Light of Destruction
TDGS = The Duelist Genesis
CROC = Crossroads of Chaos
CRMS = Crimson Crisis
RGBT = Raging Battle
ANPR = Ancient Prophecy
SOVR = Stardust Overdrive
ABPF = Absolute Powerforce
TSHD = The Shining Darkness
DREV = Duelist Revolution
STBL = Starstrike Blast
STOR = Storm of Ragnarok
Game mechanics/Events/Anime/Other Related Terms:
/AM = /Assualt Mode
DMU = Duel Monsters Unlimited (on byonds site)
EOT = End of Turn
GG = Good Game
KDE = Konami Digital Entertainment
LP = Life Points
ME = Mandatory Effects
NS = Normal Summon
Nomi = Cannot be Special Summoned "except by"
OE = Optional Effects
Semi-nomi = Cannot be Special Summoned "only by" (after this condition has been met once, it can be resummoned via Monster Reborn, D.D.R., etc. Monsters such as Dark Necrofear fall here)
SE = Special Edition (as in those 3-pack blisters with a variant)
SJC = Shonen Jump Championship (now YCS)
SD = Structure/Starter Deck
SP = Sneak Preview
SS = Special Summoning
OP = Opponent Player, Opening Play or Opp = Opponent
Topdeck(ing) = when a player is reduced to depending to the next card in the deck to win/gain control of the duel, also referring to the very card topdeck'd.
TP = Turn Player
UD, formerly UDE = Upper Deck (Entertainment)
YCS = Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (formerly SJC)
YGO = Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original series, and this very TCG)
YGO GX = Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx (2nd generation series)
YGO 5Ds = Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (3rd generation series)
Yugimonz = see Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (on Youtube, etc.)
YVD = Yu-gi-oh! Virtual Dueling(formerly Desktop)
Member Shorthands/Acronyms:
Andy, Aundie = anduril38
BFG = BurnForGame
BP = BlazingPaladin
BSA = BigStinkin'Ape
CT, C-T = Card-Trader
Cy = cyslim5
Dez, Destiny = DestinyZ
DH = Dragon Heart
Dread = Dreadmaster2
Folder = nEW_fOLDER
FoT = FallofTroy
Horus, PH = Pharoah Horus
Icey = Ice-Eyes
JJ = JerkJerk
K = K_Guy
Ketchup = ragda (yours truly)
KOS = WightK-OS
Lee = Leeskiowns
Marz = Marzbar
mike = mike lopez
Necro = Necrofear
OWTB = one-with-the-bugs
Popo = Popotron
Ruri = Rurikarakusa
Wo0/Woo = Masterwoo0
Wwu = Wu-Lord
TCGplayer-based Teams:
ATL = Team Atlantis
CAN = Team Canada
INV = Team Invasion
NIN = Team Ninja
TSI = Team Soul Intent
TUW = Team Underworld
Z-R = Team Z-Revolution
General/Common Chatspeak:
8 = sounds like "-ate", as in great, hate, later, etc.
AFAIK = As far as I know
ATM = At the moment
Cyas = See yas, a corruption of See you, short for "See you" later, etc.
CML = Check My List (trading/auction forum)
GL = Good luck
HF = Have fun
ID(R)C = I don't (really) care
IDK = I don't know
IIRC = If I recall correctly
Imp. = Important
K(K) = OK
LMK = Let me know
LOL = Laugh out loud
NP = No problem
OP = Overpowered, Original Poster
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
TBH = To be honest
TMK = To my Knowledge
TY(VM) = Thank You (Very Much)
Ur = Your (also because it phonetically similar)

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