Ninja-Wind Control [TCG-ADV]

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Ninja-Wind Control [TCG-ADV]

Post by wakko warner on Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:39 pm

Yet another pathetic attempt by me to make a non-cookie cutter deck. Lmk what you think.

monsters 20
[YGOCARD]Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja[/YGOCARD] x3
[YGOCARD]Strike Ninja[/YGOCARD] x3
[YGOCARD]Fortune Lady Wind[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Mist Valley Falcon[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Dark Simorgh[/YGOCARD] x3
[YGOCARD]Lady Ninja Yae[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Spirit Reaper[/YGOCARD] x2
alector, sovereign of birds x1
[YGOCARD]Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind[/YGOCARD] x1
genex ally birdman x1

spells 8
[YGOCARD]Kaiser Colosseum[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Enemy Controller[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Reinforcement of the Army[/YGOCARD] x1
forbidden lance x1
[YGOCARD]Monster Reborn[/YGOCARD] x1

traps 12
[YGOCARD]Ninjitsu Art of Transformation[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Bottomless Trap Hole[/YGOCARD] x2
[YGOCARD]Compulsory Evacuation Device[/YGOCARD] x2
anti-spell fragrance x2
[YGOCARD]Solemn Judgment[/YGOCARD] x1
[YGOCARD]Mirror Force[/YGOCARD] x1
[YGOCARD]Torrential Tribute[/YGOCARD] x1

genex ally triforce
[YGOCARD]Blackwing Armor Master[/YGOCARD]
[YGOCARD]Blackwing Armed Wing[/YGOCARD]
[YGOCARD]Black Rose Dragon[/YGOCARD]
[YGOCARD]Stardust Dragon[/YGOCARD]
wakko warner
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Re: Ninja-Wind Control [TCG-ADV]

Post by Kelptic183 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:28 am

IMO, you don't have enough Dark monsters. Maybe 2 D.D. Scout Plane and a Mist Valley Apex Avian or two? Strike Ninja would set up a nice tribute fodder engine for Mist Valley Apex Avian to keep coming out after it negates an effect.
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