The OFFCIAL X-Saber discussion thread - I

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The OFFCIAL X-Saber discussion thread - I

Post by The Yugioh PRO on Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:43 pm

For those of you who are new to the theme, the X-Sabers are a series of EARTH Attribute monsters that are predominantly Warrior and Beast-Warrior types, with a few other types like Beast, Reptile, and Insect thrown into the mix.

The main focus of the X-Saber theme is generating multiple +1's through recursion and Hand Destroying effects. Many of the X-Sabers can revive each other from the Graveyard or add X-Sabers from the Deck or Graveyard to your hand, ensuring that you won't run out of monsters to play, and the Hand Destroying abilities of some of the X-Sabers will quickly drain your opponent's options, leaving them with nothing while you maintained your resources the entire time.

X-Sabers don't have an end-all, be-all cookie cutter build. There are several ways the deck can be built, and the theme is flexible enough to where it can fit virtually any player's playstyle.

NOTE: XX-Sabers are treated as X-Sabers. The XX-Sabers work with all of the cards that work with X-Sabers.
Below is the list of X-Saber monsters and their support. At the end of some monsters, you'll come across words like, "Standard", and, "Specialized".

To keep things simple, "Standard" is assumed to be the competitive standard for common builds that you will find as you browse through the X-Saber decklists that made Top 32 at a YCS (Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series) event.

"Specialized" is assumed to be a variation or even deviation of "Standard", where the deck's strategy is designed to support that particular card or strategy that card employs, whether it be for casual or even competitive use.

NOTE: Main three X-Saber varients,thank you Darkness Hero for putting it as follows

There are different variants, but it will be splitted to the following "dojos":
- Aggro (most of us, it means 3 Faultrolls 2 GECs 3 Boggarts etc)
- Advantage (like guys from YCS Mexico, pure 1-1 trades, many floaters (hamsters of course), and only 1 Faultroll exists solely for Gottoms)
- Control (not very clear to be a third variant, because in many cases, when aggro builds failed to otk, users must switch their fields into a Stardust + a Naturia to look opponent down)

The X-Saber Theme

X-Saber Anu Piranha

The theme's vanilla monster. Nothing particularly special here, apart from the art.

Run 0

Commander Gottoms, Swordsmaster

The theme's terrible monster support card. He grants the X-Sabers and XX-Sabers 400 additional attack points, but he isn't even an X-Saber monster himself. The art's pretty basic, but still kind of cool regardless.

Run 0

X-Saber Airbellum

The original X-Sabers' saving grace, a Hand Destroying effect packed onto a Level 3 Beast-Type Tuner is what helped make Cat Synchro be the force that it was while also being an invaluable member to the X-Saber theme at the same time.

Due to Rescue Cat finally getting banned in the September 2010 format, there has been talk about reducing the number of Airbellum ran from three to two, even to zero. The established amount of Airbellum will have to be thoroughly tested in the September 2010 format before a true conclusion can be made.

Run 0-2 depending if you run Hamsters

X-Saber Axel

There's a pretty cool draw loop involving this card, an X-Saber Palomuro on your field, and an X-Saber Palomuro in your Graveyard. The trick here is to keep ramming the Palomuros into your opponent's monster and loop their revival effects, and for each Palomuro that dies in battle, you can draw a card through this guy's effect. There's also another trick involving ramming your Emmersblades into your opponent's monster and pulling out more Emmersblades through its effect, then playing Gottoms' Emergency Call to revive two Emmersblades and continue from there.

The Palo loop and the Emmersblade / Gottoms' Emergency Call chain-of-summoning both enable you to draw a lot of cards through Axel, but in the end it hurts the consistency of your deck and is nothing more than a gimmick. The good news here is that Axel is a Level 1 monster, meaning that One for One can jump-start the Palomuro loop for you, especially if you have a Palomuro in your hand to discard to activate One for One.

Run 0

X-Saber Galahad

He used to be a semi-decent card back in the day. 2100 ATK when attacking allows him to run over most other commonly played Level 4's, but if he's attacked, he drops down to 1300 ATK, meaning that even a battle recruiter like Mystic Tomato can run him over with no problems. He also has the ability to draw any attacks declared by the opponent towards him, but this attack-magnet effect is severly outclassed by XX-Saber Fulhelmknight and his abilities in general are outclassed by the other XX-Sabers.

Run 0

X-Saber Palomuro

The lone Reptile-Type of the theme. If an X-Saber is destroyed in battle, you can pay 500 LP to Sp. Summon this card from your Graveyard. He can't revive himself if he's destroyed in battle, but if you have another Palomuro in the Graveyard, you can activate that one's effect, meaning that if you have a Palomuro on the field and a Palomuro in the Graveyard, you can keep looping their effects as long as you have the life points to pay their costs.

He's a Level 1 Tuner, and he contributes towards the activation / summoning requirements of the X-Saber support cards and XX-Saber Faultroll, but XX-Sabers Emmersblade and Darksoul essentially eliminated any of the consistency issues that the X-Sabers have been having since the XX-Sabers were first conceived, so this card is rather redundant as of now, but it garners respect for still being a very playable theme card.

Run 0

X-Saber Pashuul

The Level 2 Tuner of the theme, he can't be destroyed by battle, and if he's in face-up Defense Position during your opponent's Standby Phase, you take 1000 points of damage. The whole point of Pashuul is to make summoning Faultroll easier while also providing the theme with an easy way to bring out Level 6 and 8 Synchro Monsters on a consistent basis. Warrior-Type status means that he can be fetched from the Deck with Reinforcement of the Army, which also adds consistency to XX-Saber Boggart Knight, who in return can Sp. Summon this guy from your hand when Normal Summoned, which of course opens up an easy Faultroll drop and an easy Synchro into XX-Saber Hyunlei to sweep your opponent's backrow.

Run 2

X-Saber Uruz

An interesting effect, when he destroys an opponent's monster in battle, you can place it on top of the opponent's deck at the cost of tributing Uruz himself. Since the card doesn't have the word "instead" on it, if Uruz destroys a battle recruiter, that battle recruiter will still get its effect, which in my opinion, completely kills the competitive playability of the card. The art's pretty badass though.

Run 0

XX-Saber Boggart Knight

A very simple card. When Normal Summoned, you can Sp. Summon a Level 4 or lower X-Saber monster from your hand. Basically, XX-Saber Marauding Captain. The differences here though are that Boggart Knight enables a Faultroll drop while also enabling you to Synchro up if you brought out an X-Saber Tuner with his effect. The only downside here is that he can only be used as Synchro Material for the Synchro Summoning of an X-Saber monster, but considering that Boggart Knight + Pashuul = Hyunlei, it's not much of a drawback in my opinion. Though it can clog your hand.

Run 2-3

XX-Saber Darksoul

The newest and last XX-Saber we're getting, when this card is sent to the Graveyard from your side of the field, at the End Phase you can add any X-Saber monster from your Deck to your hand. Basically, XX-Saber Goblin Zombie, just on a delay timer.

Because the effect starts with, "if", instead of, "when", Darksoul will not miss timing when it leaves the field, and you're allowed one search each time it gets sent from the field to the Graveyard, even if you revive the same Darksoul over and over again.

*PROTIP - To ensure that you never forget your (multiple) Darksoul searches at the End Phase, do something to remind yourself to search. I personally use the six-sided die that I roll at the start of every match to determine who goes first on the top of my deck to remind myself.*
Run 3

XX-Saber Emmersblade

The lone Insect-Type of the theme. When he's destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Sp. Summon a Level 4 or lower X-Saber monster from your Deck. Basically, XX-Saber Giant Rat, but with all of the benefits of being an X-Saber. Being another Level 3 non-Tuner opens up easy Hyunlei / Brionac / Goyo Guardian access. His ability to maintain field presence while loading up the Graveyard enables Faultroll and Gottoms' Emergency Call to be activated on a more consistent basis. All in all, good card is good.

Run 2-3

XX-Saber Faultroll

The main star of the theme barring the Synchros. He's a nomi like Dark Armed Dragon and Judgment Dragon, meaning that he can't be Normal Summoned or Set, and he can't be Sp. Summoned except from the hand unless the proper condition has been fulfilled. In this case, it's to have two or more X-Sabers on the field, which used to be a pain to pull off back in the day, but thanks to Emmersblade and Darksoul's release, it's an incredibly easy feat to achieve.

The effect is simple: Once per turn, you can Sp. Summon a Level 4 or lower X-Saber from your Graveyard. This effect alone will always lead to a game-breaking play, whether it be reviving an Airbellum to destroy the hand, Fulhelm to prey on an opponent's low DEF monster to revive yet another X-Saber, Emmersblade to suicide attack for an Airbellum / Fulhelmknight, Darksoul for Gottoms / Synchro shenanigans, Pashuul for Synchro opportunities, etc. Even though it can clog your hand

Solid stats, perfect Level, great effect. What's not to like?

Run 2-3

XX-Saber Fulhelmknight

My personal favorite X-Saber card, this little guy's a Level 3 Warrior-Type Tuner with two different effects. The first effect allows you to negate an attack declared by the opponent once while he's on the field. Considering that the X-Saber theme is very efficient at monster revival, Fulhelmknight acts like a XX-Saber Necro Gardna most of the time.

The other effect allows you to revive a level 4 or lower X-Saber from your Graveyard if Fulhelmknight destroys an opponent's Defense Position monster in battle. Normally, with stats like 1300/1000, one would think that the revival effect won't go off very often, but if you run Book of Moon in the deck, you'll find yourself in situations where the effect will activate quite often, especially in matchups where the opponent's running several battle recruiters or tokens, since the destroyed Defense Position monster doesn't need to be sent to the Graveyard by battle.

Run 2-3

XX-Saber Gardestrike

A Level 5 Beast-Warrior-Type monster. If you control no monsters, but have at least two X-Sabers in the Graveyard, you can Sp. Summon this card from your hand, which makes this card a XX-Saber Cyber Dragon in a lot of aspects, especially since he has 2100 ATK too. The main difference here is that he can be Sp. Summoned even if your opponent doesn't control any monsters.

Overall, he's a decent card. Prior to Darksoul's release, I always viewed this card as an anti-thesis to how the X-Saber theme was ran in that with Emmersblade, Palomuro, and Pashuul, you were almost always likely to maintain field presence. A card with this kind of effect promoted being in a losing situation, which wouldn't happen too often if the deck was built properly, especially Post-ABPF.

However, with Darksoul's release, it's entirely possible to run a Gardestrike or two because you can Sp. Summon Darksoul with Emmersblade's effect, then fetch Gardestrike with Darksoul's effect if it gets sent to your Graveyard during your opponent's turn, and now you're in the position to summon Gardestrike without having lost any card advantage. Darksoul's creation was a pretty creative way for KDE to turn Gardestrike from crap to pretty awesome.

Run 0-1

XX-Saber Garsem

A Level 4 Beast-Type that gains 200 ATK for each X-Saber on your field, including itself. His original ATK is 1400, meaning that he can be summoned through Giant Rat, but since his effect is Continuous like Command Knight's, he'll immediately hit the field at 1600 ATK, making him susceptable to Bottomless Trap Hole.

His other effect allows you to search your deck for any X-Saber monster and add it to your hand, but only when this card is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard. Luckily, Saber Slash, and now Super Rush Recklessly, lets you destroy your own X-Sabers, so you can always have Garsem get destroyed so you can activate his effect. Torrential Tribute, Dark Hole, and Black Rose Dragon also work out pretty well, since they turns Garsem into a glorified Sangan.

Darksoul clearly outshines this card, but it's nice to know that once Darksoul gets hit to one, we will still have a way to tutor for whatever X-Saber we need at the given moment.

Run 0

XX-Saber Ragigura

A Level 1 Beast-Warrior with 200 ATK and 1000 DEF. When Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you can add any X-Saber from your Graveyard to your hand. Integral for the infinite Hand Destruction loop with XX-Saber Gottoms or the infinite burn loop with Toon Cannon Soldier / Mass Driver, but other than that, his uses are rather limited, since Post-TSHD you want to have your X-Sabers stay in the Graveyard.

Ragigura's contributions to the deck aren't as impacting as most of the others. He's often used in the deck as a one-of to give the X-Saber player extra options. Better safe than sorry.

Run 0-1
Run 2 if you're using One for One (not reccomended)

X-Saber Urbellum

A Level 7 Warrior-Type Synchro. 2200 ATK is pretty low for his Level, and his effect isn't incredible, but him being an X-Saber helps the deck out from time to time. When he inflicts Battle Damage, you can randomly select one card in your oppoennt's hand and have them put that card on top of their deck, effectively cutting off their chance to draw something new.

However, this effect will only activate if your opponent has at least four cards in their hand, making this card like a hybrid of Trap Dustshoot and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, only you don't get to look at their hand and you actually have to inflict Battle Damage with this guy. Did I mention he has only 2200 ATK, and is a Level 7 Synchro?

Run 1

X-Saber Wayne

A Level 5 Warrior-Type Synchro. When Synchro Summoned, you can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your hand. Not incredible, but he's got his uses. Within the theme, he's an X-Saber and is capable of Sp. Summoning either Pashuul or Fulhelmknight from your hand (Anu Piranha and Galahad don't count), which gives you the two X-Sabers that you need to be able to Sp. Summon Faultroll from your hand while also setting up for a potential Level 7 or 8 Synchro Monster.

Outside of the theme, he still has a few uses, since his Synchro requirements are very basic, being one Tuner and one or more non-Tuners, and there are many Warrior-Types in the game that can benefit from his effect. Still, 2100 ATK is underwhelming.

Run 0-1

XX-Saber Gottoms

A Level 9 Beast-Warrior-Type Synchro Monster that boasts an impressive 3100 ATK and 2600 DEF. His effect is incredibly simple: Tribute 1 X-Saber you control to randomly discard a card from your opponent's hand. You can use this effect as often as you can pay the cost during your turn, and yes, he can tribute himself to strip away a card from the opponent's hand.

The real selling point here is that unlike all of the other Synchro Monsters in the game at this point, Gottoms' Synchro requirements are different. Whereas the other Synchro Monsters require a Tuner and one or more non-Tuners, Gottoms requires a Tuner and one or more EARTH monsters, meaning that you can use more than one Tuner to Synchro Summon him, which can happen quite frequently within the X-Saber theme. Since the theme can constantly revive its members from the Graveyard for practically no cost at all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out just how broken this card's effect truly is.

Run 1-2

XX-Saber Hyunlei

A Level 6 Warrior-Type Synchro Monster. When she's Synchro Summoned you can destroy up to three Spells or Traps on the field. This can include your own, which opens up the door for interesting deck variants like Ancient Forest or Geartown. Basically, XX-Saber Mobius the Frost Monarch. 2300 ATK is respectable for her Level, and her Synchro requirements consist of one Tuner plus one or more non-Tuner X-Saber monsters.

Airbellum / Fulhelmknight plus Emmersblade / Darksoul is one way, and Boggart Knight plus Pashuul is another. There are several other ways to summon Hyunlei within the theme, but the two that I just mentioned are the easiest ways to summon her.

Run 2

The X-Saber Support Cards

Saber Slash

It can only be activated if you control a face-up X-Saber on the field, but you get to destroy a number of face-up cards on the field equal to the number of X-Sabers you control. So if you control three face-up X-Sabers when you activate this, you destroy three face-up cards on the field.

This card doesn't target cards on the field, and the destruction happens upon this card's resolution. You can destroy your own X-Sabers with this, so it combos well with Garsem and Darksoul, but be careful of Book of Moon. If your opponent chains Book to the activation of this card, then chances are likely that you'll have to destroy at least one of your own X-Sabers.

Regardless, it shouldn't stop someone from running it, because it really is a nicely designed card. I personally don't run it in the Main Deck because I'm a consistency-over-explosivity kind of player (Smashing Ground > Saber Slash, in other words), but I always keep copies in the Side Deck for matchups where my opponent runs face-up Spells and Traps.

One helpful tip. Because of the way this card is worded, with the destruction upon resolution, the fact that it doesn't target, and the fact that you can literally pick any face-up card to destroy, Starlight Road cannot be activated in response to this card. Why? Because game mechanics don't know whether the X-Saber player will destroy the opponent's face-up cards, his own face-up cards, or a combination of both, even if both players know that the X-Saber player plans to destroy just the opponent's cards. Pretty cool, huh?

Run 0 in main 1-2 in side (Optional)

Saber Vault

A Field Spell that increase the ATK of all face-up X-Sabers by 100 points times their Level while also decreasing their DEF by 100 points times their Level. So Airbellum becomes a 1900 ATK beater, both Emmersblade and Fulhelmknight become 1600 attackers, Faultroll becomes a 3000 ATK beater, and Gottoms becomes a massive 4000 ATK beater that's capable of taking down Obelisk the Tormentor.

While that sounds really cool, in Competitive X-Sabers, it's not really needed because attack points don't really matter if you can just destroy their entire hand, or most of it, while establishing control of the field in two to three turns to where your opponent can't even mount a counterattack. It's a "win moar" card, basically.

Also, consider the fact that both Fulhelmknight and Emmersblade can get hit by Bottomless Trap Hole if this card's active. Fulhelmknight's a great Tuner because he can get under Bottomless.

This card isn't total trash, as the ATK pump can come in handy should you decide to run it, but why run it when Faultroll and Gottoms can practically run anything over in battle in the competitive scene anyways? For everything else, there's Saber Slash / Smashing Ground. Like I said, it's a "win moar" card.

Run 0

Sword of Sparkles

The only Equip Spell for the X-Saber theme, if the equipped X-Saber destroys a monster by battle, you can select and destroy one card on your opponent's side of the field. Also, if this card's in your Graveyard, you have the option to tribute any monster you control to return it to the top of your deck.

The last effect's pretty terrible because returning a card that's theme-specific that doesn't do anything until the equipped monster kills something in battle is really bad in the competitive scene, as it gives your opponent knowledge of your next draw, in which they'll prepare for it to really screw you over when they counter your upcoming play.

The main effect isn't terrible, but it's too slow in general, since it's a Battle Phase effect. This card is definitely not something that you'd want to draw if you're in a losing situation. Faster cards like Saber Slash, Smashing Ground, and Dust Tornado to don't need to be equipped and don't rely on a specific condition to activate should be considered for your Main Deck before this card.

Run 0

At One With the Sword

This card operates like an Equip Spell Card. When equipped to an X-Saber, it gains 800 ATK, and when that equipped X-Saber destroys a monster by battle, you get to draw a card. So why aren't people running this card?

Check out the activation requirement: "Activate only when the only monster you control is a face-up X-Saber". This alone seriously hampers the potential of the card, even more so now that we've got X-Sabers like Boggart Knight and Darksoul to really add consistency to the swarm that the theme's capable of producing. It's an interesting card to play within the first one or two turns of the duel, but after that, this card will sit dead in your hand or on the field.

Like with Sword of Sparkles and Saber Vault, removal cards like Saber Slash, Smashing Ground, Dimensional Prison, and Dust Tornado should be considered way before this card even touches your Main or Side Deck.

Run 0

Gottoms' Emergency Call

A Normal Trap Card that allows you to select and Sp. Summon two X-Sabers from either your or your opponent's Graveyard if either player controls a face-up X-Saber on the field. This card had a lot of potential back in the day, but was somewhat difficult to activate because the theme was incomplete at the time and getting at least two X-Sabers into the Graveyard didn't happen until at least halfway into the duel most of the time.

Now, with Emmersblade, Boggart Knight, and Darksoul, activating this card is a cinche, even too easy. This card's absolutely incredible, and the fact that it can revive your opponent's X-Sabers while also being able to be activated if your opponent has an X-Saber on the field makes the mirror match or the Cat Synchro matchup really stupid (in a good way...for you), lol. It can single-handedly setup a Faultroll play while also enabling you to Synchro spam, since the theme has four very usable Tuners.

Despite the awesomeness of the card, you have to be careful if a chainable removal card like D.D. Crow or Crevice Into the Different Dimension is activated, because if a card like D.D. Crow removes at least one of the selected targets, the entire card will "fizzle" out and you won't revive anything.

Run 2-3

Saber Hole

A Counter Trap Card that negates the Normal / Flip / Special Summon of an opponent's monster for absolutely no cost other than you having a face-up X-Saber on the field. Not bad, not bad at all.

Keep in mind that it can only negate Inherent Special Summons, or Special Summons that don't start a chain. Monsters like Cyber Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, and Judgment Dragon can be stopped by this card, but monsters like Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and Stardust Dragon's reviving effect can't be stopped because they're summoned through effects that form chains. Synchro Summons and Contact Fusions are considered Inherent Special Summons, so Saber Hole can stop a Stardust Dragon or GB Gyzarus that is initially summoned.

This card's playability depends entirely on your meta. Cards like Book of Moon, Soul Exchange, and Enemy Controller can really mess with your setup, since if they steal your only face-up X-Saber, you're left with a card that can't activate, which could really set you back if your opponent times their card right.

It's a powerful card, but a lot of players kind of assume that an X-Saber deck maxes out on Saber Hole and will try to play around it. With Boggart Knight and Darksoul adding more consistency to swarm cards like Faultroll and Gottoms' Emergency Call, the activation cost of this card may not be a problem anymore. Try it and find out.

Run 0-2

The Infinite Loops

X-Sabers are capable of creating two different kinds of infinite loops, and each one has a variation to it, totaling up to four different ways to win in addition to the swarm and beatdown tactic the theme is known for. The two main infinite loops involve the following cards:

1) Two copies of XX-Saber Faultroll, and one copy of XX-Saber Ragigura

2) Two copies of X-Saber Palomuro, one on the field and one in the Graveyard

Here's a step-by-step guide to performing the infinite loops and their variations:
Infinite Hand Destruction

This one utilizes the Faultroll / Ragigura loop, but throws XX-Saber Gottoms into the mix to capitalize off of his limitless effect activation of destroying the opponent's hand.

Here's one way to pull it off, as there are many ways to execute this one, whether it be in Main Phase 1 or 2.

1) Have "XX-Saber Gottoms" and "XX-Saber Ragigura" face-up on the field. Special Summon "XX-Saber Faultroll" from your hand.

2) Activate Gottoms' effect and tribute Ragigura to randomly discard a card from your opponent's hand. Activate the effect of Faultroll and revive Ragigura, then activate Ragigura's effect to add the other Faultroll from your Graveyard to your hand.

3) Special Summon "XX-Saber Faultroll" from your hand. Activate Gottoms' effect and tribute Ragigura and the spent Faultroll to randomly discard two cards from your opponent's hand.

4) Activate Faultroll's effect and revive Ragigura from the Graveyard, then activate Ragigura's effect to retrieve the Faultroll in your Graveyard, then Special Summon that Faultroll.

5) Repeat until your opponent has zero cards in their hand.
Infinite Burn

This one again utilizes the Faultroll / Ragigura loop, but instead of using Gottoms to destroy the opponent's hand, this one uses either Toon Cannon Soldier or Mass Driver to infinitely burn your opponent.

To save thread space, please refer to the Infinite Hand Destruction loop guide and just replace "XX-Saber Gottoms" with "Toon Cannon Soldier / Mass Driver".
Infinite LP Gain Loop

This one utilizes the loop that having an X-Saber Palomuro on the field and in the Graveyard can provide, because if the Palomuro on the field is destroyed by battle, you can activate the effect of the Palomuro in the Graveyard and revive that one, and then repeat the process.

1) Have "X-Saber Palomuro" on the field and "X-Saber Palomuro" in the Graveyard while "Rainbow Life" is active for the turn.

2) Suicide attack with the Palomuro on the field. Instead of taking Battle Damage, you'll gain Life Points instead because of Rainbow Life. Activate the Graveyard Palomuro's effect and pay 500 LP to revive it from your Graveyard.

3) Repeat this process until your Life Points far exceed your opponent's to where they won't be able take you down before they deck out.
Infinite LP Gain / Draw Loop

This particular loop mimics the Infinite LP Gain one, but throws "X-Saber Axel" into the mix, which allows you to draw a card from your deck each time an X-Saber is destroyed in battle. Axel's effect is a Mandatory Trigger Effect, which means that his effect will for Chain Link 1 while Palomuro's Optional Trigger Effect will form Chain Link 2 every time.

Keep in mind that the below example isn't the only way to perform the loop.

1) Have "X-Saber Palomuro" on the field and "X-Saber Palomuro" in the Graveyard while you have "Rainbow Life" activated for the turn. Summon "X-Saber Axel" to the field.

2) Suicide attack with Palomuro. Because of "Rainbow Life", you will gain Life Points instead of losing them when Palomuro was destroyed in battle. Axel's effect activates, and Palomuro's effect will be chained to his, so pay 500 LP to revive Palomuro from your Graveyard, and then draw a card with Axel.

3) Repeat this process to not only gain LP, but also draw into practically any card you're looking for to lock the field down for the turn before you OTK them next turn. None of the loops are 100% perfect so are not recomended to build your deck around.


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