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Post by The Yugioh PRO on Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:51 pm

Feel free to use the report button if you see any of the following rules violated.

The Rules:

No Trolling, Spamming, Cyberbullying, Flaming etc..
Seriously, just don't do it. It is annoying, offensive, and plain irritating. If a mod sees this, you may be punished or suspended.

No Discussions about Drugs, Politics, Religion, or Sex
I mean NONE. If I see any, you WILL be banned.

Do NOT Discuss a particular user
This means DO NOT make a topic about how "So and So is mean" or anything like that (unless it is a trading issue and you are saying the user is a ripper). Talking about other users goes against the "respecting other members" rule. Violators will be dealt with severely.

No Obscene Images
Come on guys, keep it PG 13. This includes links to obscene sites. Pre-teens view this site as well as adults and everyone in between. Violation of this rule will be dealt with severely. First offense will usually be a temporary ban.

No Youtube Videos
Simple. Do not post youtube videos or any links to youtube videos unless they specifically pertain to the topic. Do not make "youtube video" only topic, as there already is one and that is all we need. Do not put your "Youtube Trade Binder" in the trading section either.

No Offensive Language
A little is okay, but excessive swearing will be dealt with. Don't do it.

No Saying "cool story bro" or "FIRST POST!" for +1 Posts
Doing so will result in deletion of the post(s) in question, diminishing your overall post count, and a possible suspension/ban.

Respect all members, mods and admins

Seriously, we are all here to have fun. Don't ruin it.

No advertising
We don't want to hear about your website. Putting it in your signature is fine, but do not make topics about them please. Doing so will result in a ban and your post getting deleted.

No bypassing the swear filter
This will be dealt with severely. Not only are you ignoring the "No Offensive Language" rule, you are violating this one as well. You WILL be banned.

No Excessive "Bumping"
Bumping ones thread is when someone posts in there in order to bring their topic back to the top of the page. Excessive bumping will result in a thread lock and any other possible action that is seen fit. In other words, if your topic is near-bottom or on page two, you can bump it. If your topic is the third one down or the fourth one down though, it will be dealt with.

Do NOT Abuse the "Rep System"
This includes two users going back and forth with the pluses, someone just randomly giving out negatives, and anything you can think of that would be abusive behavior in this situation. Use common sense please. Violators will be dealt with as a moderator sees fit.

Do NOT Abuse the Report Button
This can confuse users sometimes. If you report a particular post or thread once, a mod will deal with it. You may report it again at a later time (not an hour after you already reported it either...). Excessive reporting of the SAME thread/post will result in action being taken by the moderators or myself.
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