pure Priest Gusto! TCG ADV "well kinda"

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pure Priest Gusto! TCG ADV "well kinda"

Post by caralove on Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:08 am

Welcome one and all to pure Priest Gusto

any thoughts/ideas/comments/views ETC are more then welcome

one wish's to thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Note:: if any one be in need of an explanation regarding the workings of the deck, or why I run the cards I do, that can be arranged.)

pure Priest Gusto!!=43 cards

Monsters =22 "gasp"
Windaar,Sage of GustoX1
Reeze Whirlwind of Gusto X1
Musto Priest of GustoX1
Caam,Serenity of GustoX3
Winda,Priestess of Gusto X3
Kamui Hope of GustoX2
Gusto CodorX2
Gusto GulldoX3
Gusto EgulX3
Gusto FalcoX2
Asura PriestX1

Contact with GustoX3
Creature Swap X3
Mind Control X1
QuillPen of Gulldos X1
Blow with All Ones MightX1
Dark HoleX1
Heavy StormX1
Monster RebornX1

Blessings for Gusto X1
Gusto Whirlwind X1
Spiritual Wind Art Miyabi X1
[YGOCARD]Miracle's Wake[/YGOCARD] X1
[YGOCARD]Synchro Material[/YGOCARD] X1
[YGOCARD]Mind Over Matter[/YGOCARD] X1
[YGOCARD]Solemn Judgment[/YGOCARD] X1

EXTRA deck=15
Red Dragon Archfiend X1
Thought Ruler Archfiend X1
Stardust Dragon X1
Black Rose Dragon X1
Ancient fairy dragon/scrap archfiend X1
Daigusto Eguls X1
Daigusto Sphreeze X2
Brionac,Dragon of the Ice BarrierX1
Daigusto Gulldos X2
Magical Android X2

side deck=15
Alector, Sovereign of BirdsX1
Chaos HunterX1
D.D.Crow X2
Effect Veiler X2
[YGOCARD]Mystical Space Typhoon[/YGOCARD] X3
[YGOCARD]Solemn Warning[/YGOCARD] X2
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