Naruto Forum Rules [And Where to Watch Naruto]

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Naruto Forum Rules [And Where to Watch Naruto]

Post by Sobia6464 on Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:31 pm


Seriously, if ANY PART OF THE THREAD HAS SPOILERS IN IT OR POTENTIAL SPOILERS, you must put somewhere in the title either one of the following. Failure to do so will resul in a Mod doing so and possible Punishment.



[Potential Spoilers]

A Major Spoiler would include giving away the plot, how something ends, ect...
A Spoiler would include insight about one charecter or one story line that someone may not know
A Potential Spoiler is a thread that is open to discussion and could have spoilers arise in the conversation

Where to Watch Naruto Online for Free

The ONLY sites that have Naruto videos OFFICIALLY are as follows.

DO NOT POST ANY OTHER TOPIC LIKE THIS. These sites release the English Subbed version of the show a week after they are aired.

No making rude remarks to those that watch the Dubbed episodes

Just don't do it. Just because they don't want to read subtitles doesn't mean you can make remarks to them about how much "better" the Original version is. This includes if someone doesn't understand something because their plot isn't far enough along. If I or any mod sees this, we will take action.


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